What we do


Our mission is to make our customers’ vision happen by becoming their innovation partner.

  • Digitalization processes have a huge impact on organizations’ effectiveness and efficiency by exponentially increasing their ability to keep track of all their operations .
  • We design, roll out, and maintain all our solutions, allowing us to tailor each one in a genuinely personalized way to our customers.
  • All our solutions are geared towards our customers’ needs and our mission includes ensuring they comply with the value proposition described next.


A top layer that connects to everything.


In the cloud with complete security.


Without changing our customers’ way of doing things.

Across the board

For all and with a customized display.

Simple and sorted

Easy to use with task tracking and more.

Unlimited reports

We create value with data.

Continuous improvement

Evolutionary maintenance is included to enhance innovation.

We engage our customers in the solution design process .
Work with the freedom to make changes and adjustments to the solutions at any time.

We deliver innovative ready-to-go digital solutions for any environment.

Simplify, automate, and enhance monitoring and tracking of complex processes.

Why Prociency?

Innovative solutions

Because we approach the customer as an end in themselves.
Our solutions and work methodology are a means to that end.

  • Quick rollout. Turnkey.
  • Profitable. No upfront investment. Payment by processes and users.
  • Flexible and tailored. Co-designed with our customers.
  • Usable, used, and mobile. With the engagement of teams.
  • Knowhow. We are experts in strategic sectors where reliability, security, and adaptability are critical.
  • Working methodology. We are not an external consultant; we are your innovation partner.