Changes are always difficult.Digital changes too.

Digitalisation is a journey, a profound change in the way a company operates. At Prociency, we accompany our clients on this journey. We analyse your requirements focusing on your business vision. And we continue to evolve alongside you, adapting our systems to new companies.

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Business TherapyWe bring efficiency and peace of mind to the day-to-day running of companies.

Our working method is our key differentiating factor, we call it “business therapy”. We initiate a corporate discovery process together with the client, committing ourselves to create unique and customised solutions. Our systems adapt to the company and never the other way around.

We bring efficiency, serenity and peace of mind to your day-to-day work, optimising processes and providing continuous growth and evolution. We are not external advice; we are a partner for innovation.

Reasons to choose usEnabling digital transformation

We establish constant dialogue and actively listen to understand our clients’ requirements, their company and their vision. We are with you all the way, from solution design to implementation and continuous improvement.

No heavy upfront investment

It is possible to digitally transform a company without compromising it financially. Our systems are able to adapt to the specific demands of each client.

Customised solutions

We offer a full range of tailoring, and adjust to possible external systems in use.

Rapid implementation

Desarrollamos productos en un tiempo corto y siempre abiertos a una continua evolución.

Actual use

We create practical and easy-to-manage solutions for employees to actually make use of.

Continuous support

Our systems easily adapt to new scenarios to keep our customers always up to date.

We grow with youBenefits of digital transformation

Every effort pays off, and in the case of digitisation, the benefits are many:

  • Traceability. All actions performed can be comprehensively tracked, allowing you to keep everything under control.
  • Transparency. We create systems with our customers, listening to what they tell us. The company is part of the creative process.
  • Big Data. All data can be analysed, creating immediate value. Our databases are flexible and scalable, so new parameters can always be integrated.
  • Business Intelligence. Thanks to data integration, the potential for analysis grows exponentially. We create systems that provide a wide range of reports to add value to the business and facilitate decision-making.

About usA great team always by your side

We are a team of engineers and developers who design, implement and maintain our own digital solutions, based in Barcelona, Madrid and Toronto.

But our work is not just about development. Our management staff have extensive experience in technology, QHSE (quality, health, safety, environment) and complex process management, and perform digital process modelling.

Most importantly: the relationship with our clients does not end at the delivery of the product. We have an experienced team that provides daily support by solving any queries or issues that may arise. This is because the digitisation process also needs a human support team.

IndustriesDigitalisation: the fourth industrial revolution

Digital transformation runs through the entire value chain of companies and organisations, improving both internal and external processes, optimising costs and time. The industry is in its fourth revolution and it is time to join in and not be left out.

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