We accompany our clients throughout their journey towards the digital transformation of their companies.

We integrate our clients in the solution design process. Work with the freedom of being able to make changes and modifications to solutions at any time.

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We offer innovative digital solutions ready for action in any environment.

Unique solutions

Simplify, automate, and improve control and monitoring of complex processes.

  • It guarantees the real use of the solutions and their functionality.
  • Agility. Execution times are reduced of activities and resource expenditures.
  • Increases the value of people. They can focus on tasks that add value.
  • Cohesion and consistency. everyone works with the same data, without duplication or contradictions.
  • Multicultural. Applicable to different venues and countries in a personalized way.


A top layer that connects to everything.


In the cloud with complete security.


Without changing our customers’ way of doing things.

Across the board

For all and with a customized display.

Simple and sorted

Easy to use with task tracking and more.

Unlimited reports

We create value with data.

Continuous improvement

Evolutionary maintenance is included to enhance innovation.

¿Why Prociency?

Innovative solutions

Because we treat the client as an end in itself. Our solutions and work methodology are a means to that end.

Our clients are an end in themselves.

We create unique and personalized solutions with and for our clients, becoming their ally for innovation and digitization.

  • Quick implementation. Key on hand.
  • Profitable. Without initial investments, payment for processes and users.
  • Flexible and adapted. Co-designed with our clients.
  • Wearable, used and mobile. with the complicity of the teams.
  • Know-how. We have industry experience strategic, where reliability, security and adaptability are essential.
  • Work methodology. we are not a external consultant, we are the ally for the innovation.

Our work methodology

Business therapy

A non-disruptive approach focused on the needs of our clients and their business vision.

  • Active listening. Constant dialogue to understand the reality and business vision.
  • System as a solution. The systems are a means, it is the client who knows his company and what he needs.
  • Constant evolution. We contribute to business improvement continuously, facilitating innovation.
  • Peace of mind. Without unnecessary interruptions and without stressing the organization.
  • Holistically. Organic implementations, oriented to the organizational and business model of the company.