We offer innovative digital solutions

We offer innovative and action-ready digital solutions in any environment.
At Prociency, we believe in innovation and our ability to develop the tailored solutions our clients need.

Digital transformationDigital transformation processes

In order to carry out digital transformation processes in companies and organisations, it is not necessary to go through the path of large initial investments, process re-engineering, months and months of changes and discomfort of the users of the systems…

We do not ask our clients to invest heavily, we do it ourselves. We develop digitisation solutions for companies in which our clients do not venture initial investments with an uncertain end, the only effort our clients must make is to advance in the cultural change that the digitisation of their processes and operations means for an organisation, and we also accompany them in this effort.

Our customers can access digital transformation without the barriers to entry that high upfront investments imply, they only pay for the use of systems that have been funded and custom-developed by us.

Enterprise digitisation: scalable automation

The digitisation of processes has a direct impact on the effectiveness and efficiency of the company and exponentially increases the ability to control and monitor all your activities. The digital transformation of companies and organisations exponentially increases their capacity to listen and act, to analyse what is happening.

The automation of processes and the interconnectivity of internal and external systems and applications permits a level of analysis of digitised information and decision-making in real time to ensure better client acquisition and loyalty, being able to provide a personalised response to each of them in their different circumstances.

Customised transformationCustomised solutions

At Prociency, we do not behave like a consultancy firm that tells companies and organisations what to do. Nobody knows the business better than the companies that work in it every day. Our job is to tailor our solutions to specific needs, in a way that is truly customised and connected to existing systems and culture.

We enable immediate, organic implementation and radical maximisation of efficiency. Our systems work and are used.

Pedro González

Senior Occupational Risk Prevention Analyst,


Thanks to Prociency’s systems we have been able to reduce the turnaround time of one of our main activities (service station audits), turning a month-long process into two or three days. This has allowed us to increase the number of audits we do and to establish many more points of contact with our clients, for which both parties are grateful.